Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ravenclaw Scavenger Hunt
1. Alfred with textbook, 2. Alfred with pygmy puffs, 3. Alfred with raven's feather, 4. Alfred with engagement ring, 5. Alfred with Horcrux (Riddle diary), 6. Alfred with broom (and Dorian), 7. Alfred with butterbeer, 8. Alfred with muggle artifact, 9. Alfred wearing house socks

Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Things I should explain:
1) Dorian was very hurt that I did not use him as my originality marker so he ate a couple of pygmy puffs and kept trying to horn in on the pictures
2) The engagement ring was given to me by my boyfriend about a week after we started dating four years ago. He was the ticket booth attendant at a historic site, and i was one of the costumed people outside, so he made it out of office supplies.
3) Alfred is the sock monkey incarnation of my boyfriend. They both have one green eye and one brown eye. Alfred's mate's name is Alfrieda, and she has blue eyes like me.

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